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Silt Saver erosion and sediment control

Product description

The BSRF® Priority 1 green band is a 36″ wide, non-woven spun-bond polyester fabric with an internal scrim. The system utilizes wood stakes and a specific method of attachment. (See Installation Specification) The BSRF, when installed as specified, produces a proven system with superior filtering capabilities in slurry conditions. The BSRF® shall be used as a vertical interceptor of sediment transported by overland flow on construction sites. The BSRF® has been designed and tested as a silt fence system.

While the Round Frame and Filter Assembly is the cornerstone upon which Silt-Saver was built, after the Round Assembly was developed, it was determined that a Square base design would be better suited for use in DOT applications. It has an outside diameter of 60”. The patented designs of the Silt-Saver Frame and Filter Assemblies are key elements in the BMP treatment train for job sites across the U.S., and in Canada and Puerto Rico. Two types of custom designed filters are available for this product: DOT Filter or High Flow Filter.

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