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Thrace-Linq Non-woven geotextiles

Product description

Thrace-LINQ environmental nonwoven geotextiles are needle-punched to form enduring structures that protect delicate structures, such as lining systems. The nonwoven geotextiles are made from durable polypropylene fibers and have the strength to safeguard structures that protect the environment.

Thrace-LINQ nonwovens meet federal performance and safety requirements and relieve built up pressures from gases or liquid.



Protection: These nonwovens shield geomembrane lining systems from punctures and other long-term dangers.

Reinforcement / Stabilization: They aid the longevity of environmental systems through dependability and permanence.

Filtration: The environmental geotextiles allow for water permeability while filtering necessary soil particles.

Drainage: The nonwoven geotextiles prevent pressure buildups that weaken structures with quality drainage flow.

Separation: Environmental nonwovens allow materials to function properly by keeping them apart and allowing them to each do their respective tasks.

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