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Mishawaka River Walk

Published on: April 10, 2018 | In: Erosion and Sediment Control


Mishawaka, Indiana is situated on the St. Joseph River. As the downtown area of Mishawaka was developed, it was determined that there was a need for additional functional enhancements that were attractive, could provide bank stabilization for the natural architecture along the river and were inclusive of the indigenous plants and animals.



The issues identified during the assessment lead to the construction of several new features and the revegetation of the site.  A beautiful concrete promenade wall was built in front of luxury apartment/condos on the north side of the river along with a pedestrian walkway and open park area on the south side of the river. The two shorelines were connected with a pedestrian bridge.  The design approach, created by Landscape Architect Ann Hildner with Rundell Ernstberger for the Prime Consultant Lawson Fisher Associates on behalf of the City of Mishawaka, was holistic in nature and met all goals established by the assessment.



The Mishawaka River Walk project resulted in bank stabilization for the St. Joseph River and also yielded the creation of an attractive and functional area for the City of Mishawaka.  The erosion control measures deployed created a river shoreline that exceeded the overall project goals of functionality, attractiveness and preservation.  Stabilization was created for the architecture along the river in conjunction with a healthy riparian habitat for the indigenous flora and fauna.


Products Used:

  • Vegetated Coir logs
  • Coir logs
  • Native seeds
  • Pave drain

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