R-Tank for Underground Stormwater Management

In the Spring of 2015, Krispy Kreme Donuts was taking bids to build a new store located near the corner of Veterans Krispy Kreme Jeffersonville IndianaParkway and Hamburg Pike in Jeffersonville, Indiana.  As part of this project, 5,072 cubic feet of water storage was required per the storm water requirements of the City of Jeffersonville and calculated by Commercial Site Design (CSD).

The existing lot had constricting property restraints that prevented CSD from utilizing a standard detention pond for storage. CSD’s only available option was to look at underground storage facilities. Their design for this location was the R-Tank System.

R-tank is a modular system that can be assembled in a variety of heights from 9 ½ inches to 7 feet tall. This rigid system can be placed beneath a variety of surfaces including parking lots, streets, access roads, driveways, landscaping areas, and much more. It’s a versatile system that can easily be constructed around existing facilities in the area. Per CSD’s design, 1,202 R-Tank units would be required to meet the storage requirements. These R-tank units were to be installed under the parking lot in a 12-unit width by 100-unit long schematic.

KK Picture 2Merrel Bierman Excavating was awarded the contract for the project and after meeting the developer, they were asked to look for areas to reduce costs. Because Merrel Bierman had used alternate storm water storage systems on other nearby properties, it was the first place they decided to seek alternative products to reduce costs.

Unique to R-tank is its 95% void space ratio inside the system which allows it to be more efficient with its storm water storage than other similar products. In investigating alternate solutions to R-tank, Merrel Bierman found that while an alternate system would be a cheaper on paper; the underground storage area would be significantly increased.

By increasing this footprint, the existing property boundaries would need to be changed as well as seeking a new permit by the City of Jeffersonville. After all these costs were evaluated, Merrel Bierman realized that R-tank was the most cost effective system for the site.

R-Tank underground stormwater systemBecause CSD correctly evaluated the costs of the site and had their evaluation verified by the contractor, this project demonstrates perfectly why it’s imperative that all costs be evaluated prior to making design choices.

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