How to Reduce Flooding the Eco-Friendly Way

When planning their expansion, the historic IndyFringe Basile Theatre knew two things for sure, one, they wanted to incorporate a low impact development design and two, they had to do something about the flooding.

Due to the old impervious brick in their alleyway, the theatre typically flooded during a normal 2-year-rain event leaving large puddles. With the closest storm water drainage nearly a block away, developing an onsite storm water system was imperative.

Besides managing their storm water, IndyFringe wanted to utilize their outdoor space for a parking area and for outdoor events. However, in the past, parking on the grass would leave a muddy mess.

reduce floodingIndyFringe engaged with D2 for our expertise in developing eco-friendly engineering solutions. After reviewing the site, we proposed a storm water chamber system that would passively irrigate a pervious grass pavement system. This plan would use onsite storm water and create more permeable areas thereby minimizing the risk of flooding. 

To facilitate the storm water chamber system, we used 135 chambers with sand backfill. The sand served a dual purpose, it provided load support and worked as a filtration medium while also transmitting moisture and nutrients through capillary action to the roots of the grass paving area.

“This particular chamber—backfilled with the correct type of sand—it passively irrigates,” said D2 Vice President, Jim Blazek. “You just catch any rainwater that comes. Because it’s irrigation from under the ground, you use 60% less water.”

reduce floodingThe grass pavement needed to reduce the site’s impervious area and provide load support for the expected traffic of a parking area and outdoor venue. We used permeable materials that could accept water infiltration and be incorporated with the bio-filtration of the chamber system. 

After the installation of the storm water chamber system and the permeable grass pavement area, the grass pavement was covered with a straw erosion control mat and treated with a hydraulic growth medium and bio stimulant.

With the storm water chamber system irrigating the lawn and the permeable grass paving system working, there has been a significant reduction in flooding, and the local community has an eco-friendly green space to be used for outdoor events.

For more information the right storm water and permeable pavement solutions for your project, contact D2’s team of experts.

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*photos taken by IndyFringe