Reduce Stormwater Storage Needs with Porous Pavements

Originally published by Presto Geosystems

Porous Pavements Can Reduce Stormwater Storage Needs

GEOPAVE gravel paversPavements that allow water to flow through the surface into a base of open-graded base course (OGBC) can reduce the requirements for stormwater storage at the surface. Generally, OGBC provides at least 30% of total volume as storage capacity, storing water in the void spaces. Storage capacity of the base, along with the infiltration rate of the subgrade soils, allow for a significant reduction in detention ponds, piping, catch basins and other stormwater infrastructure. With high subgrade infiltration rates it is possible that all stormwater infrastructure could be eliminated.

Fast Surface Infiltration, Optimal Storage

stormwater storageWith a highly-permeable OGBC base and surface, GEOPAVE® gravel pavers allow for fast water infiltration–and significant storage of stormwater in the pavement section.

Addressing these stormwater demands and reducing a site’s overall environmental impact can help meet Low Impact Development (LID) and green building requirements for building in protected or densely-populated areas.

Where space and design aesthetics are a concern, GEOPAVE gravel pavers offer an innovative and attractive way to meet water storage demands without any traffic restrictions.

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