Remove Phosphorous from Stormwater with FocalPoint

Phosphorous from Stormwater with FocalPointPhosphorous: a poisonous, combustible nonmetal that exists in two common allotropic forms, white phosphorus, a yellowish waxy solid that ignites spontaneously in air and glows in the dark, and red phosphorus, a less reactive form used in making

Does that sound like something you want in your water? No, it doesn’t.

When nutrients from agriculture, home septic tanks and other areas accumulate in waterways, algal blooms form. During warmer months, the nutrients cause the algae to rapidly grow to larger and larger blooms, restricting the oxygen in the waterway and producing toxic chemicals that can infect drinking and swimming areas.

According to an article from the EPA, “if water stewards want to stem the growth of harmful algal blooms, they should focus on phosphorus rather than nitrogen.” Thankfully, FocalPoint is excellent at removing phosphorous from storm water.

FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofilltration Systems are scalable biofiltration systems which combine the efficiency of high flow rate engineered soils with the durability and modularity of a highly pervious expandable under drain/storage/infiltration system.

We have recently added FocalPoint to our inventory and put the biofiltration system into service at the Brownsburg Office Park Development in order to remove harmful environmental pollutants.

3 Reasons to Choose FocalPoint

1. The FocalPoint System shrunk the commonly practiced bioretention footprint by more than half
2. The FocalPoint Performed TSS80 Removal (Total Suspended Solid Removal of 80% necessary to meet local regulations)
3. The FocalPoint achieved TSS80 removal at half the cost of two hydro-dynamic separator units that were originally designed

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